Friday, April 6, 2012

A to Z Challenge the letter E= Energize

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How often have you started to take a photo and realized the battery in camera was dead? In the middle of a cell phone call, the battery goes dead or your laptop shuts down due to low battery while you are in the middle of an important piece of writing.

It stands to reason, if electronics lose their power due to low battery life, why can’t our “batteries” run down as well? We all know we need sleep to relieve tiredness and food to refuel our bodies, but what about our minds and spirits?

I have read that religious people who attend worship services of some sort feel their spirits are recharged afterwards. I feel that way when I go camping for a weekend, away from phones and demands of everyday life. I am sure everyone can think of a place that offers them the activity or even non activity that allows them to feel recharged and relaxed and energized.  An evening at the gym participating in a latin dance class, a poetry reading at a coffee shop or maybe even a Saturday morning writer’s group meeting have often been places I have sought to energize my mind, body and spirit.

We all have demands on our time and most of us to tend place others ahead of our own well-being. One friend says she has a playlist of upbeat dance music that plays while she is doing her house work. Another friend attends a weekly yoga class. My own recent energizing experience came during a busy work day when I simply went to a quiet restaurant with a good book for an hour. Losing myself in a world of historical fiction for those few minutes helped me conquer the busy afternoon with a little more energy and enthusiasm.

Take a few moments today to discover what makes you feel energized. Here is a link to an Instructable about How to Calm, Relax and Re-Energize Yourself in Five Minutes.  Feel free to leave suggestions and tell us what works for you!

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