Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Book Giveaway and Author Interview #NinjaSFF

I am privileged to have Brandon Ellis, the author of Star Guild, Episode Zero on my blog today.
 This book is just one of 45 fabulous  books that you can choose from here on the Ninja Writers website.

Here is Brandon Ellis!

Tell us what inspires you?
To make a difference in another person's life. I know entertainment is key when you write a story, and I think that getting people to "think" outside of the box is key as well. Not only with their mind, but most important
ly, thinking with their heart. How can my book improve another person's life? That is the most important question as I write and publish my books.

What makes your protagonist different from the industry standard or genre standard?
In my books, I try to make it a fact that women are just as powerful, if not more, than men. This will be unpopular in some areas of the populace, and it will be popular in other areas. It's just my thinking and how I was raised. No one is better or worse than another, just unique and different. Nonetheless, I have some reluctant heroes that just want to live a regular life but find themselves living a remarkable and dangerous one all in the name of saving themselves and those they are with, and in some cases, saving an entire race of Beings, alien and human.

 Tell us about your book(s)!
I have two book series out right now, which is a total of 6 novels. My first series is the PureLights Series, which won an award, which surprised the heck out of me. The PureLights are a race from another time, another dimension, although they were once in our timeline and our dimension. They were from a past civilization on Lemuria, which was a large continent with a technologically advanced civilization located between Asia and America--where some parts of the Lemuria landmass still exist in America today. It's a popular mythological place, and according to Plato, it was once real. 

Before Lemuria sank, a few leaders knew about this impending disaster and found another dimension to another world, and with their thousands of followers, they traveled through a portal just before Lemuria met its fate. 

However, our story begins with two young adults, Zoey and Coda, who live in a small city bordering a large forest just outside of Portland, Oregon. There, in that forest, they discover the portal. And, once through, they enter a world like none-other, and to top it off, they find themselves transformed. Coda, a black panther, and Zoey, a skylark. 

You can imagine their shock...nonetheless...

They find themselves caught between an age old war and trying to find their way back home. Zoey and Coda go on an amazing adventure that takes them beyond the veils of everything they once knew, and into the terrifying grasp of the unknown.

Here is the link for Brandon's Pure Lights series

The other series is also related to a myth and our history. 

In 1849, British archaeologist, Austin Henry Layard, uncovered over 20,000 clay tablets in the Ancient Sumerian city of Nineveh, in an area now known as Iraq. The tablets told of an ancient race that had come before humans, arriving on Earth long ago and bringing with them untold technologies, and a mass genetic breeding program that the tablets claimed to have brought forth the creation of humankind.

And then these Beings left, taking with them everything they had, except the human race.

The problem is, they took some of us. And, those whom were taken have not returned, and have all but forgotten about their past and that these Beings had ever existed.

These humans are now thriving someplace else...alone.

Or, so they thought.

They are about to be in for a rude awakening.

You can find this book here!

Why do you love the Ninja Writers Facebook group?I met the founder of Ninja Writers at the Best Seller Summit in Nashville, Tennessee where four best selling authors gave us tips and strategies on how to become successful in the writing business. Shaunta Grimes, the creator of Ninja Writers, was a guest speaker there. She was amazing and inspired me to no end. I decided to join Ninja Writers shortly after that Summit and I have found no group as active as this one. It's incredible. Everyone here is unique and has a lot to bring to the table. I just hope I can give as much as I receive. 

What is the one thing you can’t write without?
A computer.  Well, I could probably write without one. I just love the sound of the keyboard when I type. Also, my family is huge. They give me a lot of ideas just by watching their interactions with the world.

Don't forget to check out all of the free books offered by the fabulous folks over at Ninja Writers! 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

When it comes to changing your life

When it comes to changing your life, if you aren't scared, then you are doing something wrong.  - Jen Sincero

Today's prompt for NaBloPoMo is: When is the last time you did something brave?

Reading the the posts from everyone that is blogging this month were so inspiring.  My story of doing something brave my not be monumental to others but it was a huge step for me. I grew up in a very small town in the south.  Lovely town, but the yearning for something bigger could not be suppressed.   So, when the opportunity presented itself, I just packed up and moved to a much larger city in a neighboring state. I knew no one here and had only visited the city twice in my lifetime, but I am slowly forging ahead and making this my home.

I came across this article but one of my new favorite authors Jen Sincero over on the Huffington Post and she can say it much more eloquently than I can. Jen Sincero is the author of the book," You are a Badass, How to Stop Douiibting Your Greatness and Living an Awesome Life."  I am listening to the audio version and had to stop during the first chapter and order the book because I want to be able to write it in and takes notes on the pages.   One of the takeaways from this article for me is: "The key to growth is acknowledging your fear of the unknown and jumping in anyway."

You can check out Jen Sincero on here on Twitter and on her blog.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The mind of a creative person is like....

....... a web browser that has 2,857 tabs open

This quote immediately popped into my head when I saw the prompt:  "When you're having a bad day with your mental health, what do you do to help yourself?" for NaBloPoMo. 

There are days I definitely feel like that this.  Those are the days I feel overwhelmed and instead of trying to do each of my tasks one at a time, the Cannot Connect to Server error takes over my brain and I just disconnect from all of those "Open Tabs".

In the past, my go to has been fried foods, ice cream,candy bars or just a combination of all three! Have you ever tried a deep fried Snickers bar topped with ice cream?   This very unhealthy combination added to a few, well quite a lot, of excess pounds, plus feeling so stuffed, just made me want to sit on the couch and watch Pride and Prejudice (ALL versions, but that is definitely another post).

Going to the gym has been one of the most calming  influences for any anxiety I may be feeling.  The thing that makes me most happy is not a thing, but a person. I have a new grandson and I could just sit and watch him explore his new world for hours on end.

Some days though, sleeping late, eating cookies in bed and watching all of the Netflix does help.  If I am having a tough day at work,  I go for a walk during my lunch break or stop by and check in with a friendly face.  Writing or doodling in my journal is a creative way to lift my mood. Watching funny pet videos on Facebook or posting encouraging comments for others can truly brighten my day. 

On that note, I will leave you with a link to a funny pet video. 

Friday, October 28, 2016

Time to Revitalize

  1. imbue (something) with new life and vitality

It is way past time to revitalize this blog.  Once upon a time, I did have ideas for an informative, fun, and interesting home for my writing endeavors. My goal for 2017 will be to revitalize my blog and my writing. 

NaNoWriMo 2016 is two days away!  I actually won in 2013 but the past two years have been tough.  I came close in 2014, but fizzled out about the second week on October last year. 

My outline is almost done for this year and I have many scene ideas bouncing around in my.  I did not have much of a plan last year and certainly not a well thought out outline. I discovered last year that working without an outline does not work at all for me.  

I would like to share some links that have helped me prepare for this year:

Shaunta Grimes at has a great plot board video. She also has a great tribe called Ninja Writers over on facebook and leads the Ninja Writers Academy.  She is hosting an online book club in the month of November as well.

I love this NaNoWriMo bullet journal idea and have been working away on mine for 2016.

This youtube staple from 2012 by Katytastic explains how to outline utilizing Scrivener, which is one of my favorite programs ever! 

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