Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Writer's Wednesday and My Favorite Zany Character

Wow, this is a long post! Quilt of Dragonflies  is hosting Write on Wednesday this week and the topic is Zany Characters. Once again, my old movie buff affection surfaces at this topic. Lucille Ball and Bob Hope probably spring to most people's minds when they think about zany old movie characters, but mine immediately thinks of a movie I bought for a dollar at a dollar store. The title is "My Man Godfrey" starring Carole Lombard and William Powell. You can read all about this screwball comedy here. This movie is often shown on TCM and is a pure delight to watch.
The opening scene concerns a group of Park Avenue rich people engaged in a frenzied scavenger hunt. This movie was made in 1936 and the fact that a depression is going on contrasts this group's shenanigans even more so. One character even states that the scavenger hunt is for charity but no one even knows if they make money or where it goes if they do. Carole Lombard plays a spoiled rich girl used to ordering people about and daddy bailing her out of trouble. She is likable in a way though her sister not so much. William Powell plays a homeless man living in the city dump and she hires him to become their butler. Eventually, Carole Lombard's character realizes she is in love with this new butler. As she ups her antics to win him over, her sister ups hers to get him fired. The mother is scatter brained almost beyond belief and the father is trying not to lose his mind keeping them all out of jail for the stunts they pull. 
I really hate to give away movie plots here but if you would like to read the full synopsis please click the link above. For me, this movie defines the word ZANY.
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