Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Genre Project

Follow me in 2012 as I explore at least 23 writing genres!!

My quest for the year is to learn as much as I possibly can about the craft of writing. I will be reading as much as humanly and financially possible from each genre. I am depending upon blog readers, social networks, my writing group, and local bookstore employees to recommend the books to be read and reviewed. I am not compensated in any form and all books will be purchased by me or obtained from the local libraries. Please be patient as I undertake the blogging project as well!

I begin this project with : Romance novels. I have not read a true romance novel since high school, but it keeping with my resolution for the New Year to explore other genres, I have three brand new paperbacks in front of me. In the heat of making this resolution I signed up for a romance novel writing class. I have no assumption whatsoever, that I will produce a romantic tome that shall be anywhere near acceptable. Cozy Mystery and Historical Fiction are my most favorite reading and writing escapes. I am quite content for the hero and heroine to flash smoldering glances at each other over the mysteriously deceased or pay courtly but somewhat chaste attention to each other as they dance in a castle.

I tried to select books by three different authors but as I was on my lunch break, I will admit the cover design and the description on the back cover are what drew me in. I did have several romances selected on my Goodreads shelf but alas, I did not remember to check it first. I did search later for the 3 novels I purchased today on Goodreads but I did not read the reviews, as I wanted to start each book with no preconceived influences. So now in the order as I chose them from the shelf:

1. The Viscount Who Loved Me by Julia Quinn I chose this book because the blurb on the back from Jill Barrett said, “Julia Quinn in our contemporary Jane Austen.” That alone sold me, I will admit. Readers on Goodreads gave it: 6,849 readers rated it 4.16 (of 5) stars and 353 readers left reviews. (I did not know this is Book #2 of a series however). The author posts the song on her website: that inspire her for each book. I downloaded the songs from ITunes and plan on playing it this week as I ponder what I have read in the book.

2. Brighter Than the Sun by: Julia Quinn Also the #2 book in another of her series. Goodreads readers say: 3.86 from 2, 236 readers . Follow her on twitter : @LdyWhistledown 

3. Taming the Highland Bride by: Lynsay Sands The tartan plaid drew me to this one and the back cover blurb makes me think the Heroine will be a very strong woman. This is #2 in a series as well. I surely chose from a shelf of second in series books! Goodreads gave it 3.98 out of 816 readers. Her website is: and twitter as @lynsaysands.

I must stress again, I am in no way affiliated with either of these authors. I really just found their books at my local bookstore today.  I am sure there are many other authors of the ROMANCE genre that I should read as well and I am happy to take suggestions.  I admire any author of any genre simply because they have poured their hearts into their works, whether it is in print or electronic.  

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