Sunday, November 27, 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011

I uploaded my novel this morning about 2 a.m. to check my word count and was surprised to see the "You are a Winner" page load. Yes, my novel authenticated at 50,004 words and I still have two or three scenes left before the first draft is completely done. I do plan on finishing those 3 scenes before November 30th. I will proudly display my winner's certificate on my bulletin board at work. There were several factors that helped me complete this year's NaNoWriMo and will I be blogging about those in days to come. I know NaNo will be closed by the time I get them posted but I think the helpful links and tips I have collected will be of great benefit as I start my next two novels. Historical Fiction is the genre that truly fascinates me but the cozy mystery genre is what actually got me interesting in writing. Congratulations to all of you who devoted massive amounts of time to your novels.

Here are today's links:
This is an absolute must for historical fiction writer's in my opinion. For example: baby boom was coined about 1946 and would not be referenced in 1746.

Researching the Historical Novel by Shelly Thacker
This is a excellent reference article to assist the historical novelist with research ideas. (I spent 2 hours researching board games in the 1880's for my NaNo novel.)

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