Monday, December 5, 2011

After NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo has come and gone and this year I was among the winners. I am not happy with the very rough first draft and thought to leave it for sometime. I decided to research the Boston of the 1800's and any possible news stories that could relate to my novel. A most fascinating historical tidbit simply dropped into my lap. I have spent the past week researching this event and am thoroughly intrigued by the story. My quest right now is to uncover as much truth to the mystery as possible. The fact that I wanted to write this from the viewpoint of a woman who died six years before it happened has placed me in a quandary. I do not want to stretch the truth that far. There are several books written by people who were in the orbit of the incident's principle players, so I don't feel comfortable using them. I am debating on the invention of a poor relation who sees all of this or from the eyes of the well known and much loved governess. I have not found an account by her as of yet. The research is not only interesting but massive. I love little details.

I also love my writing software, Write Way Pro, which I used for my NaNo novel. This time however, I am using massive amounts of notecards. I lay them out according to character, plot, setting, etc and as I research and come across an interesting fact, I simply add it to a card. Yes, my software allows for this but this novel is requiring much more research so I think I will use the notecard system for now. I will post later on how that is working out for my story.

A shout out for the New York Times and their archival process, an immensely helpful resource this week!

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