Monday, April 16, 2012

A to Z Challenge the letter L = Limitations

“Another reason we don’t see opportunities is that we limit ourselves by the way we think. We must be willing to think outside our limitations.” Dr. Robert Anthony, “Beyond Positive Thinking”

Once again, I am turning to my favorite book on positive thinking for today’s letter.  We each have goals we would like to reach and sometimes life can throw unexpected changes our way and block progress on achieving those goals.  This can result in frustration and maybe even giving up on ever seeing that goal realized. When frustration occurs so does opportunity! If this goal is something you absolutely believe in, there will be a way to achieve it. We often spend more time thinking about the things standing in the way.  This time could be better spent thinking about ways to make them happen.

In my life, finding the solution has proved more challenging and more worthwhile than sinking into the “why is this happening (or not) to me?” mindset.  Often the solution may require work or sacrifice on our part to achieve that goal. The learning process can also prove beneficial in the long run and the victory is so much sweeter and dearer when you actually have to work toward the goal.

This intriguing website has a list of 9 steps to help break through limitations. 

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