Thursday, April 26, 2012

A to Z Challenge: N and O and May Events

I am running very far behind in this challenge, but I do want to complete it before the next awesome Challenge : A Story A Day. I will have a page there just to post my daily stories throughout the month of May. 

Don’t forget to submit your story here for the Writer Wednesday prompt. Also, you will not want to miss the fun coming in May. I will have several surprises for my blog followers, thank you for hanging in here with me. I will be hosting some book tours, guest authors and  a couple of giveaways are planned for May! 

Today’s letters are N and O and relate to the words: Nobly and Optimistic

I think this quote pretty much sums up the action of being noble. I thought about this quote for a few minutes to let the meaning really sink in. My interpretation is to give to those that have redeeming qualities but may be poor and to give as well to the poor who do not seem to care about improving their situation. My parents have been a good example of this quote. They were occasionally taken advantage of,  but I now see how helping others has also enriched their lives.

Optimistic is a good word for me to focus on at the moment. Elizabeth Scott has an article here that states Optimism can be taught and learned.   She states that: ”Optimism is measured by your explanatory style, or how you define events.” There are some very good tips there and the first thing that really caught my attention is to stop and take notice for a moment when something good happens. I have really been trying this lately and at the same time showing gratitude for these things. I have two quotes here from Winston Churchill that I found over at Feed Your Optimism
"If you are going through hell, keep going." and "The pessimist see the difficulty in every opportunity; and the optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty." 

I also want to leave links here for one of my favorite websites: The Phrontistery.  I can just see some of these words appearing in books like The Game of Thrones, a current favorite of mine. (I just finished book 2.) One of my favorites is: necrographer, which is a writer of obituaries. (I have a friend whose job it was to do that for the daily paper once.) 

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