Monday, April 23, 2012

A to Z Challenge the letter W = WARRIOR

I know I am about a week behind here, but I had to skip ahead to the letter W in honor of the Warrior Dash I participated in this weekend. This 5K run/obstacle course was one of the most empowering and physically demanding challenges I have tried recently. Though it was a competition, I decided to do this at my own pace. I slogged through mud, stopped to speak to volunteers at the water stations and obstacles, and thoroughly took my time to enjoy the scenery. I tried running and even jogging, but they were not enjoyable in the sense that I felt as if I were missing things in my surroundings, so I ended up with an almost leisurely walking pace.

I am sure there were competitors trying make the fastest time or beat their own time. I enjoyed observing others as the crawled up the climbing wall, some as quickly and sure footed as a cat. The obstacle that fascinated me was the rope crawl. The purpose was to crawl up a rope and then cross a large net of rope about 6 or 8 feet above the ground and then down the other side. I was intrigued by how it was built and wished I could build one in my back yard.

I suppose I am one of the only participants that did not care how long it took me to finish this course. The fact that I accomplished it and enjoyed myself while doing so, it what truly mattered to me. I was reminded by the Buddhist teachings of being aware of the moment. I enjoyed the foliage, the view of the river, and even all of the mud. I was not thinking of the end of the race, but where I was at that very moment. I suppose I will never be a Warrior Dash winner (I do plan on participating in more), but I am truly okay with that. I am sure the winners and those that completed this in very little time, feel as if they have accomplished something in their own way as well but, I wonder if they had the chance to marvel at the glorious scenery, thank a water station worker, cheer on someone going slower than themselves, and just be grateful for being able to be there.

Today, I do feel like a Warrior and a Winner.

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