Wednesday, January 18, 2012

#WOW Writing Prompt – Trees and Magic

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The matriarch of the centuries old family of trees has fallen and one lone human has come to pay his respect.  This human is among the few left who understand the magic and change that contributed to the demise of the way life that once thrived in this desolate place.

A thousand years ago, this was fertile earth with a small stream bubbling through the dark forest floor. What is left of this land and its family of trees is now divided by a gulf that became the sea. No longer is this the forest of enchantment.  Do you think trees get this big without a little help from a magical being?  The loving care and occasional sprinkle of sparkling fairy dust helped them reach towards the sun. To return the kindness, the trees offered shelter to all living beings.

When a tree had reached the end of its life, it fell to the earth amidst its brothers and sisters. They watched over it as its essence slowly returned to the earth from which it had sprung and each absorbed a part of it, helping them to grow taller and stronger.

The people arrived and began to multiply and intrude upon the forest.  They could the see the trees swaying in the gentle breeze and hear the leaves as they touched each other as if in greeting.  They could feel the rough bark under their fingertips.  Pungent mossy smells filled the forests. Most humans doubted the fairies, elves, gnomes and sprites. Soon, there were very few humans that believed and the kind and gentle fairy folk retreated deeper into the forests of the world. Look closely at the sand and you may occasionally find a dimming sparkle of fairy dust, all that remains to protect the earth and trees, its magic slowly dissipating.
The humans found the fallen trees could be used for light and heat. If the essence of a brother or sister could be helpful to the humans, the trees knew they could be of service, even if it shortened their own lives and growth.   Soon, the people began to take trees in the prime of their lives and still the trees knew their purpose would serve a great good by being transformed into an object of use. With the urge to make more space for themselves, the people removed the trees, leaving the fertile soil alone and barren.
With no trees to shelter, no grass to grow, and no pixie folk for protection, the small stream seized the opportunity and surged forth for its chance in the sunlight.

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Stephanie said...

Wow! Beautiful descriptions! I love the somber mood of it and the way it feels like a "new" life has started to emerge.

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