Sunday, January 15, 2012


Time to check in on a Sunday evening and update my fellow ROW80 participants on my progress.
I finished Chapter 1 of my Piccallili, WIP and actually had it critiqued at my Writer's Group last week. This was a huge step for me, but I received extremely valuable feedback. The downside is I have yet to finish the edits on that chapter but I have the scene outlines ready for Chapter 2.

The remaining research material for the historical novel has arrived. I reading through it, marking passages and taking cursory notes. Once the research is done and all notes organized, I believe the outcome could result in two books on the same theme but based on different characters.

 I returned to Roller Derby training last week. Today I shopped and prepared to review my eating patterns this coming week. I am adding one day of endurance training on my own and I made contact with a coach from another team who is interested in attending a clinic with me next month. 

The biggest accomplishment of the week is the development of an editorial calendar for my blog. My blog is built on the Blogger platform and unfortunately, I have not found a plugin for this. I developed my own and placed it within Google calendar. 

I have participated in the workshop "Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook" workshop and am thoroughly enjoying the book and the class.  I am excited about the Historical Fiction class I will be taking next month. 

I hope my fellow ROW participants are enjoying success and I do hope you will leave hints and comments here that will help all of us reach our goals!

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genelempp said...

Great job this week, Jane. Maass and the Breakout Novel (book & workbook) were two of the first craft books I read years ago. Fantastic material that I still use.

Yay for research materials arriving. My wife orders quite a few art and history books/materials thorough the mail and every package is like the arrival of a birthday gift.

Have a fantastic week :)

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