Monday, January 2, 2012


Rounds of Words in 80 days. Blogs, Goals and Writing. What could be better?
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My goals for 2012:
1. Take my blog seriously. I started my blog awhile back and randomly posted odds and ends that were of no interest of benefit to others. I want to add valuable content this year and network with other bloggers.

2. Continue research for my largest historical fiction piece. The last three books are coming via eBay. This is quite a large undertaking and I have already read 5 books associated with this historical mystery. My goal is to have characters and plots fleshed out and outlined in time for NaNoWriMo.

3. Continue with my 2012 Genre Project. This involves reading books from 23 different genres and posting reviews. I will also be giving away some of the books I review. 

4. Continue my WIPs. I have 4 notebooks going with ideas I have had for many years: a Civil War piece based upon one of my ancestors, a 1930's dramatic piece, a southern style cozy mystery and a historical fiction romance set in 1880's Boston. 

5. Go back to the gym, pronto.  As in today! My roller derby team has been on holiday hiatus and I am sorely afraid I have gained weight and become quite lethargic! I will never get my skating speed up to par before the season starts if I don't go to the gym.

6. Continue to study the writing craft by participating in at least 3 workshops this year and reading at least 6 craft related books. Those will not be counted in my genre project. 


TMcCusker said...

Ah excellent! Great reading goals for the ROW! I like that you want to tackle genre (and new-to-you ones, too!) and craft reading. That's the best way to learn about writing, to actually see the technique craft books talk about in action.

Good luck with your ROW80 goals!

genelempp said...

Having an exercise goal for roller derby is a first and kudos to you for participating in it. Your goals sound fantastic!

On the blogging and social media, are you familiar with Kristen Lamb? She is a social media expert for writers and has written several books (best sellers), runs a blogging class (I'm a graduate) and more. Also on the classes, Write it Forward (Bob Mayer and Jen Talty) run excellent writer classes throughout the year (taken several). Worth a look.

Have a great week :)

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