Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year Book Giveaway!

Happy New Year! I celebrated by arranging my home office and reading a book from my 2012 Genre Project. I actually read both novels by Julia Quinn but finished the first one well before midnight. I must say the second book was by far my favorite of the two. Today's review will discuss engaging readers.
  Julia Quinn skillfully evoked a full range of emotion in "The Viscount Who Loved Me". I truly hate to reveal any part of a plot for I  like to introduce books without any influence on the readers own experience. A highly emotional person like myself, may even tear up at some of the sentiment. I do admit to having a an adverseness to sad events, books and movies. This book evoked laughter, sweet sentiment, concern and even annoyance at times for the characters, and she expertly portrayed the wonderful character of Newton the dog. Though it is in the romance genre, I believe anyone wishing to capture emotions such as this in their own work would do well to  take this book as an example of study of characters. 
   The year is 1814 and Viscount Anthony Bridgerton has decided to finally select a wife from this season's selection of debutantes. Miss Edwina Sheffield seems to be most beautiful and charming of the lot. She trusts the intuition of her older sister Kate and that sister seems to be able to spot a rouge suitor quite easily. In protecting her sister's interests Kate seems to set off a chain of events that reveal the emotions and secrets of many of the characters.  Even the dog has his own character traits to be revealed.
 I am giving away this copy to a lucky reader who posts comments below. I will ship free within the United States. A random user will be chosen on January 31st. Be sure to check back for other giveaway books across genres throughout this project. 

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