Friday, June 15, 2012

Flash backs, Dramatic Scenes, and Confession

Once again I offer another movie synopsis for review. The movie was filmed in 1937, so I do not believe I will be giving away a secret that could not be found on the internet.  I chose this film because of the dramatic scenes and flashback qualities. I believe as a writer that experiencing these moments in film will greatly enhance a author's abilities.

The first part of the movie details how a naive young school girl becomes entangled with an older more worldly man while her mother is away.  She is suspicious about his motives, but in a typical schoolgirl fashion, continues to fall for his charming personality. She finally starts to relax a little around him and he takes her to a crowded but out-of-the way cabaret. A spotlight shines on them and everyone sees them kissing in a corner. He sands up to protest and, dramatic moment here, the cabaret singer promptly faints and is moved to the lobby for the next act to appear. That next act showcases western shooting. The cabaret singer steals a gun and shots the gentleman in the back. Next we see her in a courtroom with another dramatic scene. Continue by clicking HERE: 

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