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Character Blogfest!

Just added! The Fourth Writer's Platform Building Campaign is getting started over at Rach Writes! Stop by and check it out!

In preparation of the upcoming 5 part series on characters, I am participating in the “I’m Hearing Voices- Blogfest” over at Live to  Write… Edit When Necessary.  Be sure to return here on Friday for the first post in the Writing Characters Series.

I’m Hearing Voices

Part 2

Have two characters introduce each other using only dialogue—no backstory, no internalization, just dialogue between the two. Max 250 words.

This dialogue is from my current WIP set in a small southern town in 1935. 

“Tillie! How did you get into town?”

“I had Charlie get the old model T out of the barn, of course.”

“You don’t even have a driver’s license!”

“Well, neither does Charlie and he is the one that drove us into town.”

“Tillie, I don’t care if you are my grandmother, if you have got to stop these shenanigans!  You are going to end up in serious trouble and you’re going to take that poor kid Charlie with you, he would probably jump of a bridge if you asked him to.”

“So, are you planning on throwing me into the old folk’s home?”

“I am not going to have to. The judge told you after the incident with the still, one more time in his courtroom and he will put both of y’all on probation.”

“Well, grown or not, when my granddaughter is involved in a murder, I am finding a way to get to you.”

“I am sorry for losing my temper, Tillie. I know we are all each other have and you panicked, but you’re going to end up on a chain gang and Charlie won’t graduate the eighth grade much less go to college, if you don’t stop dragging him into your schemes!  His grandmother is giving him what for over there in the corner now and  I’ll bet you a nickel, she give it to you next.”

Part 1  
Josephine Tallmadge (Joey as she is known) from my current work in progress is going to “answering questions” during this blog fest.
  My biggest vulnerability is my fear of failure, but I do not think anyone around me knows this. I am entirely capable of doing any job put forth to me and able to function calmly in crisis situations.  I believe my grandmother suspects that occasionally the weight of the world seems to wear me down.  She does not protest my occasional trips or my secret career, because she realizes her frequent escapades add to my worries.   
  Though I am able to hide my fear of failure, the one thing everyone in town does know about me is that I broke my engagement with Bart Ellis. Hardly anyone knows the truth behind the broken engagement and I will continue to try to save both of our reputations.  Most chalk it up to hurt feelings and believe I hold a silly grudge.
  My best friend does know my reason for breaking the engagement and believes my two of my strongest qualities are at war within me. I will stand beside a friend through the thickest battle or most trying of times, but if I am wronged, I do not resume relationships easily.  Forgiving is one thing but forgetting does not seem to be part of my nature.
  The engagement to Bart is irrevocably broken, no matter what anyone wishes, but I do want to marry someday.  I will not lower my standards and cannot imagine becoming the wife of any man that does not possess intelligence, compassion and the ability to demonstrate an understanding of equality. 

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Madeleine Maddocks said...

I enjoyed your entries. Gave me a real feel for the story and the voice was strong, too.

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