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Writing on Wednesday :Words and  Photo Challenge 

Words to use:   Ham - Spike- Parity- Girders- Sale

The dinner party was in full swing before Spike had a chance to question Genevieve regarding the jeweled necklace at her throat.  He knew the daring evening gown was a new additional to her extensive wardrobe but he was certain the exquisite necklace of woven strands of silver with jeweled medallions was a recent acquisition. His wife’s love of jewels and expensive gowns was widely known, as was the fact that she rarely missed the preview sale of any designer currently in vogue.

The extant of Genevieve’s knowledge of Spike’s business dealings was that he traveled to a large smoky mill on a daily basis and provided steel girders and plating for construction of bridges and large office buildings. The parity of the stability of the building construction industry and his income seemed inconsequential to her understanding.

Spike laid aside his whiskey sour cocktail to confront his wife before guests arrived. She was overseeing the hired servers and chefs placing delectable arrangements including a great ham and even larger turkey amidst the oversized flower arrangements surrounding a swan sculpted in ice.

“Say, how much is this little soiree of yours setting me back?”  He looked down on her smiling face and her vapid expression revealed that she had no clue what she had spent on this extravagance.

“Why darling, I am sure I placed all of the bills in the box on your desk.” She fluttered her eyelashes demurely.

“I bet the bill for that new gem of a necklace hasn't arrived yet though. Do you even have any idea of its cost?” He sighed and waited for her response.

Genevieve gave a tinkling laugh and leaned closer to him. “Only that my jeweler suggested you may wish to sell another teensy bridge.”

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